July 1, 2014

National Hispanic Media Coalition joins in support of the public’s channels

In a letter to CMA, Alex Nogales of National Hispanic Media Coalition writes, "NHMC is committed to ensuring universal, affordable, and open access to communications. To that end, we support the Committee for Media Access's goals with regards to the public's access to media in the digital age and ensuring that media providers fulfill their public interest obligations."

Nogales was writing in response to a letter sent by CMA to NHMC, as well as other Latino and African American groups, asking them to weigh in on Comcast's attempts to cut off avenues for public expression at the local level while pushing for public and government support of its Time Warner takeover.

As it renews cable franchises in cities nationwide, Comcast is challenging the funding support it provides public access centers as well as attempting to keep the public’s channels in 1980’s technology by depriving them of the technological equality that is needed in a rapidly evolving digital age.

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