February 28, 2014

CMA Members Meet with Commissioner Guerra Lapacek

CMA members Gordon Quinn, Alejandro Molina, Robbie Smith and Jake Austen met with Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek on Wednesday, February 26.  We spoke with her about the City’s negotiations with Comcast, briefed her on the history of the group, and explained CMA positions and history with CAN TV.  Deputy Commissioner Jim McVane was also in attendance.

During the meeting, CMA members expressed concern that the public’s issues remain unresolved to date, and asked why it is taking so long to work out issues directly related to CAN TV.  We discussed the importance of holding public hearings given the pending 3-month extension of Comcast’s franchise.  Most importantly, we stressed the importance of the City holding Comcast to its public obligations in Chicago to ensure sustainable support for the public’s channels during the next decade. 

We were pleased the Commissioner was able to meet so soon after her appointment to her new position, and look forward to working with her more to make sure a Comcast franchise renewal agreement that benefits the public is reached.

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