March 9, 2012


Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia celebrates the launch of Philly's first public access cablecasts February 2012
The Committee for Media Access is an organization committed to defending independent media outlets against challenges, with a specific focus on working towards a secure future for public access television in Chicago. Most of the committee members have enjoyed the access and independence afforded to us by CAN-TV, using it as an excellent method to confer information to citizens served by our organizations, and as a means of producing creative content unhampered by commercial concerns. As Chicago cable access faces an uncertain future as cable contracts are renegotiated, we are ramping up our efforts to reach out to our representatives and to inform the public about developments. We will be using our blog to not only update the progress is Chicago, but to also tell stories every week that highlight the perils and triumphs public access TV faces in the 21st Century. We will start with some great news! Today is the one month anniversary of the February launch of public access television in Philadelphia! After 27 years of grassroots activism, the brothers and sisters of the City of Brotherly Love finally got access to their own airwaves! One of the great things about this is that they are just learning about the benefits and history of this great institution, and because of that their website is an incredibly informative way to introduce the concept of cable access. Please visit them at 

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